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The mandate of this project was to create a visual statement in the form of a poster that illustrates a social awareness or a human rights issue in any medium. The goal was to create a compelling, strong, and effective message in the form of a poster.


This project was introduced to us in March 2020. Considering the unique situation we are living through in 2020 because of COVID-19, it seemed appropriate to approach the project with a focus on the global pandemic that took over all of our lives.

COVID-19 Poster


Throughout quarantine and the lockdown, social distancing has been strongly implemented all over the world. Staying two meters or six feet apart from people was strongly enforced in the months following the outbreak. Social distancing is one of the key components of the pandemic. To translate that, the poster reminds the viewer to take social distancing seriously and keep that 2m distance at all times.

COVID-19 Poster Wavy Mockup


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